Welcome to The Afrikan Development Group, LLC!

Formerly Hutchinson Enterprises LLC!

Simple systems.  Real people. Real income!

  • We are building a new Afrikan economy with or without you.
  • Afrikan Owned company with unparalleled support.
  • Become a Founding Mother or Father of The New Afrika!
  • Economic Empowerment is what we offer!

Let's Make it Happen.

Whether you realize it or not, Mother Afrika is shifting, growing and taking shape, right now and changing the face of business forever!  The Diaspora is coming together and coming home!

Are you one of them?  Will you be a part of rebuilding your Afrika? Our Afrika?

If so, take notes.  Because what you are about to discover is one of the best most exciting and financially rewarding opportunities to come along in a very long time...